[LECTURE]The Invisible Factor: Japanese Architecture And Plagiarism / by Wanyi Lin


From Meiji Period to Post-war Era, the Evolution of Japanese Domestic Space

I'll be holding a lecture on 29th May, talking about the evolution of Japanese domestic space in the last century. As the beginning of my series of research projects on Eastern architectural design, the lecture will focus on the architectural and sociological analysis of how Japanese imported Western architecture in Meiji Period and how they developed their own spatial conception through decades, modernising while essentially retaining the aesthetics of traditional spatial culture. I'll mainly talk about the reason why they could preserve the old traditional way of dwelling during decades of radical, or even catastrophic social upheaval, thank to their unchanged religious belief and social hierarchy.

Time: 29th May 2016, 2PM - 5PM

Address: DSC Conference Room, 13th Floor, Gehua Building, Beijing, China

This is one of the lecture series named Section-Elevation ('Poumian Jihua', 剖面计划), conducted by a group of Beijing-based young architects and designers, as an independent sharing platform for architectural and spatial research.