Arte Povera outside the Gallery: A Spatial Experiment by Wanyi Lin


During an exhibition in gallery, the white cube enables the maximum performativity of the artwork since the work of art has been stripped off from its creating environment, the viewing context and the perceived experience. Once the show ends, the functional and instrumental spatial signifier (e.g. plinths and staircases)will also be peeled off from the original context and be put to an abandoned place.

What I try to do is to reverse the relationship between the two places, to question the quality of the performative space. How could an artwork deprived with experience process a value of art? Or can a trash that full of memory be a piece of artwork? Do spatial instruments contain any content or memory in a wider open space?

It is a contest

between the trashes of artworks and the trashes as artworks,

between the gallery context and the garbage context,

between solidarity and chaos.


Artist:Victoria Wanyi Lin

Time:11am - 5pm Oct 3rd, 2017

Location: Garbage area around the parking lot at Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing

[LECTURE] Where Were the People? by Wanyi Lin

Where Were the People?

A Critical History of Public Architecture in Nazi Germany and USSR in Stalin Era

Time: Apr 2nd, 14:00-17:00

Location: 401 Highland, Liubaiben, Chaoyang, Beijing







 主题: 人民去了哪里——解析纳粹德国与斯大林时期苏维埃政权下的公共建筑史

 时间: 2017年4月2日  星期日  14:00——17:00

 地点: 北京市朝阳区望京广顺北大街17号六佰本北区四层401高地(地铁14号线东湖渠站D口

We are now funding for the following charity project by Wanyi Lin

Around two months ago, we found Ms Zhang, who suffers from poliomyelitis and is not able to walk on her own, lives with her husband in a poor condition inside Qinglong Hutong in Beijing. We now set up this charity project aiming to reconstruct her home to improve their current living circumstance.

If you are interested in this project and willing to help in any way, please direct to the following file links to see further explanation:




And also contact me via email. 

Thanks for your support.

Yours sincerely,


[LECTURE]The Invisible Factor: Japanese Architecture And Plagiarism by Wanyi Lin


From Meiji Period to Post-war Era, the Evolution of Japanese Domestic Space

I'll be holding a lecture on 29th May, talking about the evolution of Japanese domestic space in the last century. As the beginning of my series of research projects on Eastern architectural design, the lecture will focus on the architectural and sociological analysis of how Japanese imported Western architecture in Meiji Period and how they developed their own spatial conception through decades, modernising while essentially retaining the aesthetics of traditional spatial culture. I'll mainly talk about the reason why they could preserve the old traditional way of dwelling during decades of radical, or even catastrophic social upheaval, thank to their unchanged religious belief and social hierarchy.

Time: 29th May 2016, 2PM - 5PM

Address: DSC Conference Room, 13th Floor, Gehua Building, Beijing, China

This is one of the lecture series named Section-Elevation ('Poumian Jihua', 剖面计划), conducted by a group of Beijing-based young architects and designers, as an independent sharing platform for architectural and spatial research. 


Lecture coming up... by Wanyi Lin

I'll be holding a lecture at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, generally talking about my research project in my MA course, and also other works including Framing Views, (RE)Framing, etc.. There also will be a short conversation and Q&A part after the presentation.

Downfall of the Throne, Even  (2015)

Downfall of the Throne, Even (2015)

If you find you are interested, I'm more than welcome to invite you at 7pm on Tuesday 22nd Dec.



Postgraduate Show now on... by Wanyi Lin

MA Interior and Spatial Design Final Exhibition is now open to public. 

WHEN: 4 - 10 September 2015

WHERE: Chelsea College of Arts, 16 John Islip Street, Pimlico, London SW1P 4JU

PRIVATE VIEW: Friday 4 September 2015, 6-9PM
Bar provided.


Saturday 5th September - 11am - 5pm
Sunday 6th September - 11am - 5pm
Monday 7th September - 10am - 8pm
Tuesday 8th September - 10am - 8pm
Wednesday 9th September - 10am - 8pm
Thursday 10th September - 10am - 8pm

All my work during this year will be exhibited both inside the building and outside on the Parade Ground.

Displacement of Views
Displacement of Views

Displacement of Views

Downfall of the Throne

Downfall of the Throne

Downfall of the Throne, Even

Downfall of the Throne, Even